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Ioannis Monos Horology is an independent workshop based in Athens, Greece.

We specialize in the conservation - restoration of historical and antique timepieces and other mechanical objects of art like antique watches and clocks, automata, music boxes, scientific instruments, etc.

We can also create unique handmade timepieces or build special horological tools upon request.

The use of a significant library and special equipment allows us to make any lost or damaged part of the mechanisms we undertake.

Our aim is to bring back to life mechanical objects of the past, with historical or sentimental value, regardless their present condition.

Short Info

Ioannis Monos was born in Athens, Greece. Ηis father, engineer of the merchant navy introduces him to mechanics. He has an educational background in Electrical Engineering and Music. He also has a strong interest in classic motorcycles.

Fascinated by horology of the pre-industrial era and its history, he spents more than ten years of studying and practicing.

In 2001, he attends the WOSTEP Center in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, following the advice of Hans Videberg, former chief instructor of the School.

In 2002, he organizes his workshop in Athens, inspired by Philippe Dufour and George Daniels, and focuses on the repairing and restoring of historical, vintage and antique timepieces and other mechanisms, using techniques and tools of traditional watch-clockmaking

In 2005, he participates as an expertise consultant in the exposition "The Value of Time", which presented a collection of pocket watches once belonged to important Greek personalities. The exposition was organized in Athens by Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum.

In 2022, he participates as an expert advisor in the Ilias Lalaouni Jewelry Museum temporary exhibition "Form follows function: 200 + 200 Decorative and Applied Arts 1621 – 2021", in the context of the celebration of 200 years since the Greek Revolution. In particular, he edits the historical and technical information of the horological exhibits, the special terminology-glossary of the exhibition and contributes to the writing of the relevant texts of the publication.
On Sunday the 27th of November 2022 and on Thursday the 15th of December 2022 and in the context of this temporary exhibition, Ioannis Monos presents to the public the philhellenic mantle clocks, pocket watches and marine chronometers, which are presented in the exhibition.
The exhibition is on from 15th May to 15th December 2022 and is under the aegis of the President of the Greek Republic.

He has restored numerous pieces, mainly for private collections and also a great number of antique horological tools. He has built other tools, unavailable in the market today, for the needs of special restoration projects.

He uses traditional case-making techniques, shown by the master casemaker Martin Matthews.

Articles about Ioannis Monos’ work have been published in Switzerland by Chronometrophilia:

- Bulletin No 65, 2009 "Des répliques d’ outils horlogers anciens faites en Grèce - About antique watchmaking tools repiclas made in Greece"

- Bulletin No 77, 2015 "Restauration d'une montre de poche signée Dubois & Fils - Restoration of a pocket watch signed by Dubois & Fils"

- Bulletin No 86, 2020 "L’histoire d’une machine à guillocher découverte dans le Jura suisse et restaurée à... Athènes - 1re partie"

- Bulletin No 87, 2021 "L’histoire d’une machine à guillocher découverte dans le Jura suisse et restaurée à... Athènes - 2eme partie" and

- Bulletin No 89, 2022 "Fabrication de la roue d'échappement pour une montre de poche anglaise à échappement Duplex à l’aide d’une machine suisse à tailler les roues restaurée datant du xixe siècle".


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