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Conservation- restoration of watches and clocks

Conservation - repair - restoration is provided to all types of watch and clock movements, see list below.

Any parts lost or damaged like: balance staffs, balance springs, train wheels & pinions, jewels, bearings, escapement parts, bridges etc. can be calculated and executed using traditional techniques (no CNC, laser cut, etc.) and in the aesthetic style of the movement's historical period.

Pocket watches
Marine chronometers
Bracket clocks
Pendules de Paris
Wall clocks, Cuckoo clocks
Floor clocks
Regulator Clocks
Tower & Public clocks
Antique Car and Motocycle Instruments

We handle all types of escapements:

Pin lever
English & Swiss Levers
Dead beat
Mixed, etc.

Chronometers are adjusted to positions and isochronism to their specification standards.

Our specialty is antique complicated movements like:

Independent seconds
Music boxes
Carillons, etc.

As mentioned above, damaged or missing parts can be calculated and reproduced including repeater gongs or parts of the cadrature.

Any restoration project has one year warranty.

Restoration of a stemwind pocket watch, circa 1870

Restoration of a vintage Patek Philippe wristwatch, 1940

Restoration of a pocket keywind watch Vacheron Genève, 1860

Restoration of an open face pocket watch and engraving on its case, Vacheron & Constantin 18 lignes, circa 1890

Conservation and restoration of Vienna regulators and mantel clocks

Restoration of a Fratelli Solari tower clock, late 19th cent.

Conservation and restoration of a car's dashboard clock

Conservation and restoration of Marine Chronometers

Bespoke Watchmaking

We can execute unique handmade timepieces upon request.

Restoration of an Audemars Frères ¼ repeater chronograph movement (Le Phare)

Decoration of watches and clocks movements

The movements under conservation - restoration retain their original decoration. Parts, that are missing or damaged and have to be reproduced, can be decorated as the originals.

Côtes de Genève, perlage, anglage, mirror polishing, graining and blueing are applied to bridges, plates and steel parts, while hand engraving and engine turning (guillochage) is involved in other parts and in case making.

Restoration and decoration of a vintage pocket watch movement (graining, mirror polishing, blueing, satin finishing)

Restoration and decoration by hand engraving of a vintage wristwatch movement (spotting, clouding, mirror polishing, blueing, satin finishing)

Restoration of vintage Watch and Clock Dials

We restore watch and clock dials, enamel or metal.

We can also make new dials for antique movements.

Dial (cadran) Restorations of antique wristwatch and pocket watch

Dial (cadran) Restoration of an antique marine clock


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