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Information on demand

Technical and Historical Information

We can provide technical and historical information on demand related to objects under restoration or not.

Watchmaking Techniques

Demonstration upon request

We can demonstrate special watchmaking techniques for educational use.

Turning a balance staff for an Ulysse Nardin marine chronometer, early 20th c.

Making a spring detent for an Ulysse Nardin marine chronometer, 20th c.

Making of a verge escapement

Expertise Consultant

Form follows function:
200 + 200 Decorative and Applied Arts 1621 – 2021

Publication of Ilias Lalaouni Jewelry Museum temporary exhibition, Greece 2022

Technical and historical description of the exhibits (philhellenic mantle clocks, pocket watches and marine chronometers) of the temporary exhibition - Contribution to the writing of the relevant texts - Technical watchmaking terminology.

On Sunday the 27th of November 2022 and on Thursday the 15th of December 2022 and in the context of this temporary exhibition, Ioannis Monos presents to the public the philhellenic mantle clocks, pocket watches and marine chronometers, which are presented in the exhibition.
The exhibition is on from 15th May to 15th December 2022 and is under the aegis of the President of the Greek Republic.

The Value of Time

Publication of Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, Greece 2005

Technical and chronological documentation of the collections and contribution to the compilation of the relevant explanatory texts, by Ioannis Monos.


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