Movement "Mouvement"

Maintainance -restoration of all types of movements(pocket or wristwatches,pendent lady's watches,marine chronometers,musical boxes,automata,etc).Calculation and execution of lost or damaged parts with the methodology and thechnology of each era.Maximum approach to the original working state.Special work on all types of escapements (verge, e.lever,swiss lever,cylindre.duplex,detents,mixed escapements etc). Adjustments to 3 or 6 positions (chronometer standards).Handling any kind of complication.One year warranty.


RRestoration or reproduction of engraved parts of the the movement , dial,or watchcase,by hand or by machine(guillochage).Micropainting on dials.Decoration of the movement (Cotes de Geneve,Perlage,Damaskeeing). Blueing of steel parts,mirror polishing (polisage noir) etc.

Watchcase "Boite"

Maintainance-restoration or construction of watchcases to the style of each type and era.Pocketwatch cases (verge pair cases,Lepines Savonettes,Half hunters etc.)Wristwatch cases.

Dial (cadran)

Miantainance-restoration or construction of any type of dial enamel or metal hand painted or guillochee.

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